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Low Portable Folding Steel Security Gates

a.k.a. Scissor or Accordion Gates

Barrier Portable Gates allow quick and easy access control. They’re powder coated in safety colors for high visibility. Seal off hazards and protect against accidents. Prevent access to any area temporarily for maintenance, repair work, inventory, or any reason – while still allowing multiple entry points.

Yellow and black is the standard color for exceptional visibility, but these are fully customizable to suit your palette.


  • Four-foot high scissor gates to temporarily seal off areas of any size
  • Specifically designed to secure areas during maintenance, cleaning, or service work
  • Provides light and air circulation while providing movable security
  • Folding scissor gates can connect to one another to form perimeters or corners of any length
  • Portable steel security gates are lightweight and easy to move.


  • Available in widths up to 12′, with 6′ additions
  • Powder coated in safety colors – yellow and black
  • Riveted back-to-back with aircraft quality aluminum rivets
  • 14″ axles
  • 3″ rubber wheels
  • 2 – 12″ Wall mounted locking bars

Barrier Gate

BlockaderGates Portable Folding Gates
Part Number Width Height Weight
Spans 12′ Opening
90 lbs
Spans 6′ Opening
40 lbs
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