Low Portable Folding Steel Security Gates

a.k.a. Scissor or Accordion Gates


  • Four-foot high scissor gates to temporarily seal off areas of any size
  • Specifically designed to secure areas during maintenance, cleaning, or service work
  • Provides light and air circulation while providing movable security
  • Folding scissor gates can connect to one another to form perimeters or corners of any length
  • Portable steel security gates are lightweight and easy to move.


  • Available in widths up to 12′, with 6′ additions
  • Powder coated in safety colors – yellow and black
  • Riveted back-to-back with aircraft quality aluminum rivets
  • 14″ axles
  • 3″ rubber wheels
  • 2 – 12″ Wall mounted locking bars

Barrier Gate

BlockaderGates Portable Folding Gates
Part Number Width Height Weight
Spans 12′ Opening
90 lbs
Spans 6′ Opening
40 lbs
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